Just finishing off an under stairs toilet at mo, but


I wanted to install a full mini bathroom under our stairs. Animals love a nook to steal some precious napping time in, and what better place for it than the cosy under stair space? Why can’t you go diagonal from toilet through hall & kitchen to outside stack, would shorten the run, & maybe only one bend at toilet. Just finishing off an under stairs toilet https://sigmaconstruction.uk/toilet-under-stairs-.html at mo, but concrete floor so had to kango a trench across the lounge. Storage is a great solution, but when you are short on space all over your home a half bath is an excellent thing to tuck under the stairs. If all in one drop in bathrooms can fit in an RV, why not under my stairs! The design elements library Building core contains 80 symbols of stairs, elevators, escalators, restroom fixtures, and a safe. For those who like a bit of privacy when working from home, but do not have a separate study or home office, a bespoke under stair study space is ideal. This all depends on where the stairs is situated within the property and where the nearest foul drain. Supported the new pipe run under the floor by hanging it from the joists. Again, when the door is closed it blends into the wall – who wants to advertise the presence of a toilet if they don’t have to? By converting the forgotten space under the stairs you can not only add value to your home but also a very useful room! You can buy and put a pet bed or pet igloo under the stairs, or go for a more streamlined solution – a bespoke under stair pet area. If you want to create an impression of space in a small hallway, keeping the cavity under the stairs open is a good option. Maximise your under stair storage opportunities with these inspiring– and seriously inventive– solutions and ideas. Here what we did with a tiny bathroom where the stairs went across the bath space. A toilet downstairs is a great idea. Hi Just wondering what your opinions are on an under stairs toilet? My mums house suffers with this, the smell gets in through a vent brick and under her wooden dloorboards. I had a toilet and a small corner sink unit under the stairs which was just opposite the main door to the sitting room. With it’s dark grey colours combined with simple but yet striking wall art, takes this stylish and modern toilet to a whole new level. A downstairs cloakroom great use of under stair storage is a must-have for many potential house buyers, and a valuable asset in a family home. Children love a den to play in, so why not create one under the stairs? With the help of clever bespoke design, the area under the stairs can be transformed into a fully fitted kitchen, complete with ample cupboard storage.